Wendy Black

Executive Director, Policy, Business Council of Australia

Wendy Black is Executive Director of Policy for the Business Council of Australia, overseeing the policy development on behalf of the Business Council members, comprised of the leading Chief Executives of around 130 of Australia’s top companies.

In this role, Wendy drives the policy agenda of its membership, across the diverse areas such as climate, energy, digital, workplace relations and social impact. Working collaboratively with government, civil society and other stakeholders, the BCA seeks to lead the policy agenda and outcomes, to support economic growth for the benefit of all Australians.

Wendy joined the Business Council in 2022, following an extensive career in government at a state and federal level, including more than 10 years as Chief of Staff to a Federal Government Minister. During this time, she was involved in a range of portfolios including the environment, climate, industry, health, aged care and public service reform. This has given her an in depth understanding of how policy is developed, the challenges of balancing competing objectives and engaging stakeholders to be effective in achieving positive outcomes.

She is a former political journalist and communications consultant. She has a Master of Public Policy and Management from Monash University.