Why Belong to AJBCC


Established in 1962, the AJBCC offers members access to significant companies and networks in Japan. For Associate members we offer access to Australian companies and government.


Activities such as our invitation only meetings, partnered events with other organisations and open meetings, together with our annual conference give you the chance to build business linkages.


Through the AJBCC’s strong connections with Government, both in Australia and Japan, its strong links to its counterpart body the Japan Australia Business Co-operation Committee (JABCC) as well as its corporate reach, our members can benefit by being part of this information network.


Whilst member companies have a senior executive as their nominated representative, membership benefits can extend to others within your organisation – creating depth for your successful business engagement.


AJBCC annual membership is corporate based. A member organisation has only one vote.

Nominated Representative

The base corporate rate tags a nominated representative to it. This is usually a C level or equivalent executive of the member organisation. This person (or alternate) can attend the annual conference without additional charge.

Additional Representatives (Organisation Executives or Employees)

An organisation having joined can add additional executives or employees under its base membership by paying an additional reduced membership fee. This fee includes complimentary attendance at the annual conference for the nominated person (or alternate).

Organisation Executives or Employees

Membership is annual.

Future Leaders

Membership is annual.

The AJBCC’s Future Leaders Program heavily subsidises the annual fee for a member’s young managers who wish to be involved in this program. (This membership is generally limited to 2 per organisation).

Membership Fees and Entitlements – No additional Conference Fee

Membership fees are based on size of organisation.

  • Membership includes invitations to events in Australia.
  • There is no additional conference fee – this is included in the subscriptions for Nominated Representatives, Additional Representatives and Future Leaders.

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