New Partnership for the Future

MON 7 OCT - WED 9 OCT, 2019 | Osaka, Japan

57th Annual Joint Business Conference

New Partnership for the Future

Held Monday 7 October – Wednesday 9 October, 2019

There has never been a more critical time for companies to read the future.

In an increasingly global landscape marked by challenges such as the US-China trade war, Brexit and the geopolitical risks surrounding the Korean Peninsula, the business risks have never been greater.

There is an expectation on Japan and Australia, which share democratic values and embrace the free market, to show leadership through the development of new perspectives and fresh ideas.

In building a better future delivering global development and business growth, there will be a need to develop new alliances and partnerships. By their nature, these are very likely to transcend and cut across the stereotypical categories of industry sectors, regions, nations and even generations.

So our conference ‘New Partnership for the Future’ was designed to explore, from a variety of angles, the potential for new business opportunities between our two countries that could map us through this challenging environment.

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Program Overview

MONDAY 7 OCT, 2019


Future Leaders | Half – day session.
Round table discussion with the coming together of the AJBCC and JABCC Future Leaders Program members.

Conference Eve:

High Level Private Briefing by Australia’s Ambassador and Panel (AJBCC members, AJBCC Additional Representatives and Future Leaders Program members)

Networking Reception and Welcome (AJBCC members – all delegates and partners together with JABCC members and partners)


Full Day conference with plenary sessions

Evening: Official Conference Dinner
(All Delegates and Partners)


Half Day conference with plenary sessions.
Concluding with a luncheon to close the 57th Joint Business Conference.