Taking The Long View

SUN OCT 14 - TUES OCT 16, 2018. Hyatt Regency, Sydney, Australia

56th Annual Joint Business Conference

Taking The Long View

Held Sunday 14 October – Tuesday 16 October, 2018

The Australia-Japan relationship over the last 60 years has built upon strong relations, strategic alliances and partnerships. What does the future hold? How can businesses in both countries leverage off this remarkable story and shared experiences?

With the explosion of the internet age and instant dissemination of information and the short business reporting cycles, the clamour is for instant results. “Short termism” however is not a Japanese characteristic. So what can be learnt from other perspectives such as that of the long view or sustainable development?

Long View of Sydney photo: Courtesy of NSW Govt.

Program Overview

SUNDAY 14 OCT, 2018

Afternoon: Future Leaders Half – day session (only for delegates who are on the AJBCC Future Leaders Program (FLP) – This is a round table discussion with the JABCC Future Leaders

Conference Eve:

High Level Private Briefing by Australia’s Ambassador and Panel (AJBCC members, AJBCC Additional Representatives and Future Leaders Program members)

Networking Reception and Welcome (AJBCC members – all delegates and partners together with JABCC members and partners)


SESSION 1: Keynote Speech:
Japanese companies are famous for taking the long view. Does the long term perspective have relevance for Australian companies? How might it impact on areas such as:

  • management and workers
  • the bilateral relationship
  • the wider community
  • sustainable development

Morning Tea

SESSION 2: Energy – Electricity – Sustainability and Balancing Long Term Investment Risk Against New Technologies
Japanese and Australian speakers will focus on the important area of electricity generation.

Networking Luncheon hosted by AJBCC

SESSION 3: Finance – Long Term Finance and Infrastructure
This session will look at project financing for infrastructure and prospects for collaboration in other regional markets. The concept of the treatment of risk and new technologies’ impact on cost/price falls will also be addressed by the Japanese and Australian speakers.

Afternoon Tea

SESSION 4: Technology – Early Seeds and Long Term Development
A panel session looking at the exciting areas relating to data and information technology as the “information age” accelerates.


SESSION 5: Smart Cities – Long Term Planning
The great challenge is how to increase the level of urbanisation, thereby reducing the travel time from home to work, yet maintain an environment conducive to pleasant living and comfortable lifestyle. Long term implications for planning as well as providing appropriate infrastructure are some of the competing objectives.

Official Conference Dinner
(All Delegates and Partners)


SESSION 6: Future Leaders Session
This session and its topic is designed by the AJBCC and JABCC Future Leaders group who have been meeting throughout the year.

Morning Tea

SPECIAL SESSION: Collaboration Panel – Developing Long Term Partnerships
This session will focus on a range of collaborations which currently occur between Australia and Japan. It will explore the opportunities for extending collaboration between Australian and Japanese companies both in Australia and the region.

Closing wrap-up and luncheon
The brief closing wrap-up session will be followed by lunch hosted by the JABCC, giving delegates their final networking opportunity during the conference.

Closing Ceremony

Delegates depart on one of two site tours (optional)
Tour 1
Energy Sustainability and Workplace Design: Barangaroo Project and Darling Harbour Live.

Tour 2
Innovation: Sydney Startup Hub

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the NSW Government and our other sponsors:

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