Sumiko Takeuchi

Director, International Environment & Economy Institute; Member, GX Implementation Council

Ph.D. in Engineering (The University of Tokyo)
Senior Fellow, Member, Board of Directors, International Environment and Economy Institute
Specially Appointed Professor of Tohoku University
Co-founder and Co-President, U3 Innovations, LLC

Ms Takeuchi graduated from Keio University’s Faculty of Law and joined TEPCO in 1994. She had been engaged in Oze National Park nature preservation for over 10 years and was involved in international negotiations of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

After leaving TEPCO at the end of 2011, she became an independent researcher on energy and environmental policy. She received her PhD in March 2022 from the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Engineering. She works for several thinktanks and universities and served on government committees including the GX (Green Transformation) Realizing Committee of Cabinet Secretariat, the Council for a Strategy for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, and the Strategic Commission for the New Automotive Era, Global Environment Subcommittee ,where she has presented a wide range of proposals on energy policy.

Ms Takeuchi founded U3 Innovations LLP in October 2018 and continues to pursue initiatives as President to connect a broad range of industries and companies to ensure that Japan has an abundant supply of sustainable energy by 2050. She wrote many books such as “20 Tips for Protecting Everyone’s Nature” (Yamatokeikokusha), “The truth of energy policies” (WEDGE Publishing), “Is the nuclearpower plant ”safe“? –A report on the Fukushima nuclear accident written by one single researcher” (Shogakukan Publishing Service), “Energy industries in 2050 – The game change
to Utility 3.0” (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing) and “Energy Industries’ Strategy toward 2030 -Implementing Utility 3.0 (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing)”.

The latest was published at the end of 2022 , “Energy Policy Collapse – The Energy Defeat of a Nation without Strategy” (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing).