Welcome New AJBCC Members!

Welcome New AJBCC Members!

We are delighted to welcome new AJBCC members Brunswick Group  and Building 4.0 CRC.  See all our members here.

Brunswick Group is a strategic advisory firm focused on critical issues and critical stakeholders. The firm has been providing strategic counsel to business leaders on significant Australia- and Japan-connected matters for well over a decade. The firm advises many of Australia’s and Japan’s leading businesses on critical issues from corporate reputation to crisis and litigation, corporate governance, financial situations, geopolitics, cybersecurity, and climate change and sustainability.  Brunswick also supports multinational companies on complex cross-border matters, including mergers and acquisitions and issue management, as they seek to build relationships with key stakeholders, secure a license to operate, and manage their investments in Australia and Japan.

Michaela Browning

The AJBCC nominated representative is Michaela Browning, CEO for Asia Pacific, Brunswick Group.

Building 4.0 CRC is a research initiative co-funded by industry partners and the Australian Government. It is tasked with the job of revolutionising how buildings are designed, constructed and operated to build faster, safer, more sustainably and at a lower cost. The mission is to build and inspire innovation in the building sector through research, learning, sharing and leading discussions in Australia and overseas. Building 4.0 CRC focuses on four research areas: industrialisation, digitalisation, sustainability, and people practices and culture, with a particular drive to create significant demonstration projects where industry, government and the community can experience first-hand those buildings created or retrofitted using innovation and new methods of construction. With the housing crisis and cost of living pressures escalating, the work of the CRC has never been more important.

The AJBCC nominated representative is Professor Mathew Aitchison, CEO, Building 4.0 CRC