New Beginnings

The Australia-Japan Business Partnership on the Global Stage

Wednesday 23 – Friday 25 October 2024

Our 61st annual Joint Business Conference with the JABCC will be held in Nagoya, one of Japan’s key centres of advanced manufacturing.

The Conference theme, New Beginnings – the Australia-Japan Business Partnership on the Global Stage expands on the celebration of our landmark 60th conference in Melbourne, which heralded a new phase in the journey of the AJBCC/JABCC partnership.

Against a backdrop of heightened international uncertainty and complexity, and with voting in the US Presidential Election imminent, geopolitics will be at the centre of discussion. How can Australian and Japanese businesses use their decades-long partnership, built on shared values, interests and mutual trust, to anchor stability in an unpredictable and challenging regional and global environment? What new business opportunities can cooperation drive; and how can we work together to mitigate the risks?

Join us as we explore these questions, ranging through their implications in the key areas of energy transition, innovation, AI and digitisation, governance and more – and take advantage of an unparalleled Australia-Japan business networking opportunity, both at the main conference and through more specialised side events.

This is a Members-only conference. If you are not an AJBCC Member, you will not be able to register through this website. If you are interested in attending the conference, please email for details on how to become a Member.

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