Darwin LNG Unda Platforms.
Darwin LNG Unda Platforms.
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Since importing its first LNG cargo in 1969, Tokyo Gas has increased the LNG imports and expanded its market share and diversified its business portfolio.​

Imports from Australia began in 1989 from LNG projects in Western Australia, which now account for 52% of the Tokyo Gas Group’s yearly imports.​

In 2002, TG Australia was established, investing in five projects – Darwin, Pluto, Gorgon, Ichthys and QCLNG.​

Tokyo Gas Australia has also commenced a tree planting project in Western Australia. We are actively pursuing decarbonisation opportunities to achieve our CO2 net zero in 2050.


  • 1989​ – Imports from Australia (North West Shelf Project) began​
  • 2002​ – Tokyo Gas Australia (TGAU) was established​
  • 2003​ – Participation in Darwin LNG project (2006)*​
  • 2004​ – TGAU office moved to Perth ​
  • 2007​ – Participation in Pluto LNG project (2012)*​
  • 2009​ – Participation in Gorgon LNG project (2016)*​
  • 2011​ – Participation in QCLNG LNG project(2014)*​
  • 2012​ – Participation in Ichthys LNG project(2018)*​
  • 2023​ – Tokyo Gas Real Estate Australia was established​

*indicates the year when imports started.​

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