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Sydney Branch 10th anniversary 2016
Sydney Branch 10th anniversary 2016
Sumitomo International Finance Australia 1995​
Sumitomo International Finance Australia 1995​
Message from Jun Ohta President and SMBC Group CEO​


SMBC Group commenced operations in Australia in 1984, initially as Sumitomo International Finance Australia, subsequently establishing Sydney Branch in 2006 and Perth Branch in 2013. SMBC Group has been steadfastly committed to fostering the growth of Australia-Japan business relations from the financial sector. As one of the major Japanese financial institutions, SMBC Group has been instrumental in facilitating the entry and expansion of Japanese enterprises into the robust Australian market. Concurrently, we have had the honour of collaborating with burgeoning Australian businesses. In the field of infrastructure development, we have been actively supporting the construction of roads, ports, and other facilities in Australia, which has elevated us to a top-tier position in the Australian infrastructure project finance sector. Additionally, through our diverse range of corporate financial services, we have increased our total loan assets to AUD 35 Bn as of July 2023. ​

Australia and Japan have a strong economic relationship characterized by complementary strengths. We, SMBC Group, take great pride in our contributions to the economic advancement of both nations. We pledge to uphold the same level of dedication that has marked our services for the past four decades and aim to expand our support for business partnerships and sustainable growth for the benefit of the two countries. We look forward with optimism to the future, convinced that the ties between Australia and Japan will not only persist but flourish, as we continue to work towards elevating the economic landscape of both countries.​

Key Milestones

  • 1984: Sumitomo Perpetual Australia Ltd established (In 1985, renamed as Sumitomo International Finance Australia Ltd.)​
  • 2006:SMBC Sydney Branch established​
  • 2013:SMBC Perth Branch established

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