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Providing a Happi Coat in recognition of our successful business relationship with Coles Australia.
Providing a Happi Coat in recognition of our successful business relationship with Coles Australia.
Sake ceremony
Kagami Biraki (saké ceremony) with EVP, CEO Fujitsu Asia Pacific (APAC) Graeme Beardsell, and Chief Digital Officer & Head of Fujitsu Data & AI, APAC Dougall McBurnie.
Kagami Biraki (saké ceremony) with EVP, CEO Fujitsu Asia Pacific (APAC) Graeme Beardsell, and Chief Digital Officer & Head of Fujitsu Data & AI, APAC Dougall McBurnie.
Kagami Biraki (saké ceremony) with EVP, CEO Fujitsu Asia Pacific (APAC) Graeme Beardsell, and Chief Digital Officer & Head of Fujitsu Data & AI, APAC Dougall McBurnie.


In 1973 Fujitsu launched in Australia as a relatively unknown Japanese company. Fujitsu’s local brand recognition developed quickly, by selling a range of popular computers, software, and telecommunications equipment, which were manufactured in Australia. After 51 years, Fujitsu is now one of Australia’s leading IT providers, known for excellence in delivering digital transformation solutions for its customers.

At Fujitsu, our purpose is ‘to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation’. From private to public sectors, our Japanese heritage and commitment to excellence is embedded in our work as a trusted partner to Australia’s largest brands and institutions. Some of these include:  

  • Fujitsu’s supercomputer ‘Gadi’, which is one of the most powerful computers in the southern hemisphere, making progress on life-changing research.  
  • Improving end-user experience and reducing cost through cloud transformation.  
  • Providing community members with special needs a safe space to learn valuable life skills in collaboration with one of Australia’s leading retailers.  
  • Protecting our environment and saving threatened species through our AI and innovation expertise.   
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by actively supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have reduced office electricity and travel emissions by 60%, and have also been chosen for the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index 21 times.  
  • Helped launch a First Nations-led Service Centre with the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council, to boost the economic development of the Cherbourg community through digital skills training and employment opportunities.  
  • Enabling collaboration and coordination between all emergency services across fire and flood events in NSW. We also enable 40% of 000 emergency services responses.  
  • Providing secure networks to the Australian Defence Force to help keep families connected when a serving member is deployed overseas. 


Our Japanese heritage is at the core of everything we do – past, present and into the future. We pay respect to our Japanese culture by continuing to celebrate business milestones with a traditional sake ceremony, where our executives and guests wear the Happi Coat during the breaking of the saké barrel. At Fujitsu, we ensure these traditional values remain squarely aligned with our mission of pursuing new opportunities to build a better world.

Key Milestones

Fujitsu Australia over the last 5 decades :  


• 1973 Fujitsu came to Australia as a relatively unknown Japanese company, trading as FACOM
• 1979 – FACOM won a large tender and was established as a major new player in Australia


• 1985 – FACOM changed name to Fujitsu Australia, marking the 50th anniversary of Fujitsu Japan.
• 1986 – Fujitsu Australia sold supercomputer to the Australian National University, the first Fujitsu supercomputer supplied outside Japan.
• 1992 – Fujitsu established its first factory in Dandenong to manufacture telecommunications products in Australia, leading to the establishment of many more factories and data centres around the country.


• 2001 – Fujitsu became the first organisation in Australia to deliver an ASP service solution structure to a local government authority.

• 2007 – Starting from an initiative in Japan, Fujitsu Australia established a sustainability transformation project with specific and challenging targets, evidence of its ambition to become a truly sustainable company.


• 2014 – Opening of Fujitsu Oceania headquarters in the Macquarie Park technology hub.
• 2018 – The first Fujitsu Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was launched, and Fujitsu commenced its first Innovate RAP in 2019 building on its foundation of proven impact through meaningful actions and partnerships in thecommunity.
• 2020 – Fujitsu designed and commissioned the Gadi Supercomputer for the NCI. Gadi also achieved a ranking of 24 in the TOP500 project worldwide supercomputer ranking, becoming the most powerful supercomputer in the Southern Hemisphere.
• 2021 – Fujitsu launched the Office of Purpose to make a real difference for people and society through championing and driving transformative change across sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, and social impact.
• 2021 – Fujitsu Australia collaborated with Woolworths to launch the Mini Woolies program with schools and adult learning centres specialising in educating students with special needs.
• 2021 to present – Fujitsu has made several strategic acquisitions to bolster itscapabilities and service offerings its customers.
• 2022 – Uvance, Technology & Solutions, APAC line of business was created; designed to develop, tailor, and deploy solutions focused across the five Core Technology Areas (AI, Computing, Network, Data & Security, Converge Technologies), the seven Key Focus Areas (KFA’s): four verticals (Sustainable Manufacturing, Consumer Experience, Healthy Living and Trusted Society) and three horizontals (Digital Shifts, Business Applications and Hybrid IT).


• 2023 and beyond – Our purpose of ‘making the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation’ drives every action of every person at Fujitsu, guiding us towards brighter future.

Message from Graeme Beardsell

EVP, CEO Fujitsu Asia Pacific

Dear Members and Friends of the ABJCC,

At Fujitsu Asia Pacific, we proudly associate ourselves with the Australia Japan Business Co-Operation Committee’s 2023 Conference in Melbourne. For over 50 years, we have cemented trust and expertise as the foundations of our partnership with Australian Government and business customers. As a proud Japanese company, a core mission of our story has been to build closer ties between Australia and Japan.

Japan is Australia’s closest and most mature strategic partner in the Asia Pacific region, and we, at Fujitsu, are deeply committed to playing our part in driving a more prosperous, secure, and sustainable Asia Pacific community.

While Fujitsu may have been relatively unknown half a century ago, its Australian operations have since reshaped the technology sector. Today, Fujitsu is a leading digital transformation organisation, driving innovation to better serve the needs of our customers’ challenges to create safer and more sustainable outcomes.

At the heart of our operation, our Japanese heritage serves as a source of inspiration. In this spirit we take great pride in using new technology to solve the world’s old problems, as well as some emerging ones too.

I would like to express our gratitude to the ABJCC for its deep commitment to strengthening the bonds between Japan and Australia, to help create a better world.

Thank you for your continued support and may our partnership flourish for generations to come.


Graeme Beardsell
EVP, CEO Fujitsu Asia Pacific

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