About The AJBCC

In March 1961, Mr Shigeo Nagano, a Vice Chairman of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce & Industry and President of Fuji Steel led a Trade Mission to Australia.

In Canberra, when meeting with Australian industry associations, he proposed the establishment of a bilateral business co-operation committee with an aim to:

  • contribute to the development of the Japan-Australia economic relationship
  • promote mutual understanding and cooperation between the two countries’ business communities

The Australia Japan Business Co-operation Committee (AJBCC) was established in Australia on 28th August 1962 and its counterpart, the Japan Australia Business Co-operation Committee (JABCC) was inaugurated on 6th February 1963.

Since their establishment, the two committees have met annually, alternatively in Australia and Japan. It is possibly one of the longest established joint bilateral business committees, a fact owed to its leadership both in Australia and Japan. It underscores the importance of the business relationship between Australia and Japan.

In Australia, the AJBCC runs a series of networking briefings on major topics related to Australia-Japan business as well as partnering with other organisations and Government in the promotion of Australia-Japan relations.

The current President of the AJBCC is Mr Peter Grey, Independent Non-Executive Chairman, MLC Life Insurance. His counterpart is Dr Akio Mimura AC, Senior Advisor, Honorary Chairman, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation.