Going Beyond The Disruption – Designing a New Future

Sunday 9 – Tuesday 11 October 2022

Registration is open Friday, 24 June – Friday, 26 August 2022.

The 59th Australia-Japan Joint Business Conference will again take place against the backdrop of enormous global and regional challenges. Governments and people alike continue to grapple with the problems posed by a period of disruption that has exceeded all others in the post-war period. How can Australian and Japanese businesses work together to emerge successfully from the travails of the global pandemic; restore strength and stability to an international system that has been buffeted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine; and continue to seek ways of turning the challenge of decarbonisation into opportunity? And how can we ensure the vitality and productivity of our economies by creating inclusive opportunities for all?

We look forward to gathering in person for the first time since 2019, in Tokyo, to debate and discuss these vital questions!

Entry Requirements for Japan
(subject to change)

Current vaccination and visa requirements for business travel to Japan can be found here.

Entry requirements can change so you are encouraged to stay up to date with the advice that best relates to where you are travelling from by checking the Smartraveller website.

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