HAKUBAKU Co. was the largest noodle producer in the 1980s in Japan, and the company used substantial amounts of Australian-produced wheat for its products. In order to produce the highest quality of udon noodles, Hakubaku researched Australian wheat and concluded that the company was after certain varieties of wheat, not based on the wheat that was ranked according to protein content.

The company came to realise that it was difficult to arrange the distribution. As a result of this journey, Hakubaku Australia was established in Ballarat Victoria in 1996 to start production of noodles. The initial reason for Hakubaku to expand to Australia was to search for the highest quality ingredients. However the company has gained benefits from the Australian market as well.

Australia is a country built on immigration, consisting of different cuisines and mixed food cultures, which has helped Hakubaku to get into the Australian market. Hakubaku Organic Noodles were the first Japanese noodles sold at Australian supermarkets.

Now the Japanese noodle market has grown and there are many other companies who sell Japanese noodles. Hakubaku’s sales per store in Australia have grown more than in Japan.

Key Milestones

  • 1941 – Hakubaku Co., Ltd was founded
  • 1980s – first attempt to produce dry noodles using Australian wheat
  • 1996 – Hakubaku Australia Pty Ltd was established in Ballarat, Victoria. Began construction of factory.
  • 1998 – began production of dry noodles in Ballarat.
  • Now Hakubaku Organic Noodles produced by Hakubaku Australia has the largest market share in Australia and the USA.

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