First proposed in 1961 by Mr Fusajiro Nagano of Fuji Steel, The Australia Japan Business Co-operation Committee (AJBCC) was established in Australia on 28 August 1962. Soon afterwards, 0n 6 February 1963, its counterpart, the Japan Australia Business Co-operation Committee (JABCC) was inaugurated in Tokyo.  Their aim was to contribute to the postwar development of the Japan-Australia economic relationship by promoting mutual understanding and cooperation between the two countries’ business communities.

Since their establishment the two Committees have met annually, alternating between Australia and Japan, making them the oldest continuously operating mechanism for business networking and consultation on key issues in the Australia-Japan relationship.  The Annual Joint Business Conference has become the premier event in the bilateral business calendar: the 60th Anniversary Conference held in Melbourne in October 2023, attended by nearly 700 delegates, was comfortably the largest ever, highlighting the ongoing importance of the business relationship to both countries.


To mark the historic 60th Joint Business Conference, we are delighted to launch this website as a living resource, through which our members can tell their own stories in their own words.  We thank all those members of the AJBCC and JABCC who have contributed to date, and invite othes interested in doing so to get in touch. Please click on the logos below to learn more about their contribution to a proud history; and one which we believe will herald an even brighter future!