Welcome New AJBCC Members!

Welcome New AJBCC Members!

The AJBCC is delighted to welcome our new members Allied Green Ammonia, Aurora Energy Research, NEC Australia and Thiess Pty Ltd.  See all our members here.

Allied Green Ammonia

Allied Green Ammonia (AGA) is an Australian Company with a vision to develop and operate Australia’s flagship Green Ammonia production facility in the Northern Territory, Australia. Green Ammonia plays an essential role in de-carbonizing hard-to-electrify sectors of the economy, such as long-haul trucking, shipping, and heavy industries. AGA will produce 165,000 tonnes of Green Hydrogen annually which will be converted into 912,000 tonnes of Green Ammonia per year.

The project will be an economic boost for Northern Territory, Australia, creating construction jobs and full-time positions to operate and maintain the facility. It will also promote skills development and education pathways and catalysts for new advanced manufacturing and regional development.

The AJBCC nominated representative is Alfred Benedict – founding Chairman & Managing Director of Allied Green Ammonia. 

Aurora Energy Research

Aurora Energy Research is an energy and grid modelling company founded in Oxford in 2012 by a group of Oxford University academics. Since then, we’ve expanded across USA, EU and Australia, and have now entered the Japanese market to provide energy market modelling, advisory, subscription analytics, and software services.

In Australia, Aurora has worked with private sector players, and state and federal governments on, for example, the Victorian offshore wind proposal and the NSW Infrastructure Roadmap.

The AJBCC nominated representative is Hugo Batten – Managing Director of Aurora Energy Research in APAC and California.

NEC Australia

NEC has delivered world-class technology solutions and services to customers across the globe, for more than a century. For over 50 years in Australia, NEC has built a sophisticated technology and anything-as-a-service company which brings together the best technology and the best people to ensure our customers capture maximum value from their IT and networking investments. NEC connects people through reliable communication infrastructure while also helping to keep communities safe and secure with intelligent surveillance systems and the world’s leading biometrics identification technologies.

The AJBCC nominated representative is Mike Mrdak – President & CEO ANZ, NEC Australia.

Thiess Pty Ltd

At Thiess, we partner with our clients to deliver excellence in open cut and underground mining in Australia, Asia and the Americas. For more than 85 years, we have operated in diverse commodities, geologies, environments and cultures. Our team uses global insight to optimise solutions and create value for each project, positioning them for optimal efficiency, productivity and cost performance, backed by how we meet our commitments. Thiess is committed to being at the forefront of sustainable mining, leveraging the power of our people and technology to support clients in their journey to more sustainable enterprises.

The AJBCC nominated representative is Seon Ko – Principal, Asian Strategic Partnerships at Thiess.