Australia-Japan News

Australia-Japan News

This page collates links to interesting articles that provide a picture of what is happening in Japan and in the Australia-Japan relationship, with brief summaries of their content.

While we don’t claim this list to be comprehensive, and some of the articles may be behind paywalls, we hope it will evolve into a valuable resource that assists members and subscribers in keeping up to date and provides a record of key developments… make sure to check back regularly to see the latest.

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August 2022
Australia-Japan joint venture AEG to buy Maryborough sugar mill to make biofuel

Advanced Energy Group (AEG), an Australian-Japanese joint venture, announced it was close to finalise a deal to buy Maryborough sugar mill, which was closed in 2020, to produce biofuel such as renewable diesel from sugar cane. AEG expects to finalise the acquisition in August, and if it goes through, recommissioning will start immediately. The project to transition the sugar factory to a fuel hub is estimated to cost $100 million. Read more >

Hitachi wins AU$107 million order for automated rail control in Australia*

Hitachi has secured a contract worth AU$107 million to automate elements of QLD’s New Generation Rail fleet, which will allow trains to run closer together at optimum speeds and improve energy efficiency. Hitachi Rail will supply the technology. Hitachi has also received an AU$65 million order for maintenance of trains in QLD through 2046. The company positions its rail business as a growth driver as countries seek to reduce CO2 emissions. *Read more >