Welcome New AJBCC Member!

Welcome New AJBCC Member!

The AJBCC is delighted to welcome our new member IDOM Innovations.

IDOM Innovations

IDOM Innovations is a subsidiary business of Japan’s leading used car distribution company IDOM Inc. who operate under the brand Gulliver. Listed on the Tokyo Stock exchange, IDOM Inc. employs more than 4,600 workers around the world and has a market capitalisation of US$1 billion with an annual turnover of more than US$4.3 billion.

IDOM first entered the Australian market in 2016 when it purchased the majority share of the DVG Automotive Group in Western Australia. In 2018 it purchased the Andrew & Wallis group in Victoria, firmly cementing its presence in the Australian Automotive market.

In 2019 IDOM Innovations (IDOMi) was established, with the vision of being the future of global automotive solutions, focusing on developing new technologies that will empower a more transparent and simplified automotive ecosystem. IDOMi chose to establish its head office in Melbourne to access its vibrant tech networks, highly skilled local talent, and tech graduates from some of Australia’s leading Universities. In Feb 2022, IDOMi announced its partnership with Invest Victoria, whose support will accelerate business growth, innovation, business partnerships and speed to market.

The AJBCC nominated representative is Takayoshi Udagawa, Director & Chief Executive Officer, IDOM Innovations.

Uda joined Gulliver in 2003 as a graduate. After working with the Business Development Team and Direct Store Strategy Team, he was appointed as a company executive in 2016, the youngest in the company’s history. He then moved to Australia to be a board director in 2015 and CEO of Australian Operations.

In 2019, Uda established IDOM Innovations to focus on new technologies and solutions for the Australian markets, working alongside a team of industry experts.