Webinar | Develop your Sports Technology in Melbourne

Webinar | Develop your Sports Technology in Melbourne

On Tuesday 30 November, the AJBCC supported Invest Victoria’s Australia-Japan webinar “Develop your Sports Technology in Melbourne.”

Sport is one of many linkages between Australia and Japan and through technology, these connections will only grow. This topical event provided actionable information on the Melbourne and Australian sports tech ecosystems and the development opportunities that exist now and into the future. With Japan acting as a global leader in SportsTech as evidenced in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the webinar explored opportunities for collaboration between Japan and Australia.

The webinar covered:

  • Melbourne’s thriving sports technology ecosystem.
  • How Melbourne’s competitive business environment can provide a collaborative innovation ecosystem and a bridge to the US and European markets.
  • Support for start-ups and entrepreneurs to maximise their sports tech business.
  • Why Japanese companies such as ST Solutions Australia (a subsidiary of Softbank) have chosen Melbourne and successfully set up there.


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