Japanaroo 2021 Virtual Marathon

Japanaroo 2021 Virtual Marathon

Registrations are closed.

JTB Australia Pty Ltd (Head Office in Sydney Australia, Managing Director, Koji Abe) is going to present a charity event, Virtual Marathon “Run to Japan Close to You from 20th August to 2nd October 2021 to all fans of Japan who cannot visit Japan at the moment under Covid-19 Restrictions.

Participants can select one of the four categories based on their running experience:

  1. Full Marathon
  2. Half Marathon
  3. 10km Run
  4. 5km Fun Run

This event is “Covid-19 friendly” as participants can choose where they run, when they run and how they run. All they need is to install a free Asics Runkeeper App to record their run.   Anyone from a serious marathon runner to a casual walker is welcome to join.

Participants don’t have to complete their run in one go.   They can divide it into a few segments and run at their own pace.   One of the desired outcomes of this event is increased fitness for all, so we encourage all participants to practise and prepare. Training is its own reward – Gambattte kudasai!

One fun challenge, slightly different from a normal marathon event, is for the participants to find Japan near you. It can be anything: a place, a building, a person, anything as long as they are Japanese and take a selfie there.   Our hope is, by this fun exercise, to promote further understanding of Japan and its culture.

All participants will receive prizes just for taking part. Those who complete their designated run will receive a certificate as well as the great prizes, which include an original Japanaroo T-Shirt and other gifts from three Japanese sponsor companies.

The participation fee is $65 (plus registration fee).  $15 out of every $65 will be directly donated to a charity organisation called Beddown.

Beddown is an initiative which turns a city car parking building into a place for the homeless to sleep and eat at night after all the cars have left.

This event is part of the Japanaroo Festival, which was initiated by the Consulate General of Japan to promote friendship between Australia and Japan and more than 50 Japanese companies, organisations, and groups will have their own event during the month of August.